Special Education Services

Prince Edward County Public Schools provides special education services for children ages 2-21 inclusive. Students who are identified as eligible for services will have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Services can begin as early as two years of age. For information on obtaining services for 2-5 year olds, please contact the Office of Exceptional Programs at 434-315-2100. Once a student is school-aged, you should contact your “home school”. The “home school” is the school that your student currently attends or would attend based on where you reside. If you have questions regarding Special Education, please contact us at 434-315-2100.


Special Education Contacts

Prince Edward County Elementary School – 434-315-2110

Carolyn Jones, Principal

Brittany Furfari, School Psychologist

Mary Sparks, Special Education Lead Teacher | Grades 2 - 4

Carrie Saxtan, Special Education Lead Teacher | Pre-K - 1


Prince Edward County Middle School – 434-315-2120

Thomas Foster, Principal

Kelly Acevedo, School Psychologist

Alicia Graham, Special Education Lead Teacher


Prince Edward County High School – 434-315-2130

Gwendolyn McQuaige-Hicks, Principal

Kelly Acevedo, School Psychologist

Donna Woodson, Special Education Lead Teacher


Prince Edward County Office of Exceptional Programs – 434-315-2100

Ruth U. Williamson, Coordinator of Exceptional Programs

Yolanda Jeffress, Secretary, Office of Exceptional Programs