Directions of Prince Edward Schools

Directions to Farmville from Richmond

Take the VA-288 South/Amelia (VA-360)/Chesterfield (I-95) exit - go 2.8miles.

Take the Hull Street Road/US-360 West exit towards Amelia - go 0.3 miles.

Continue on Hull Street Road - go 14.0 miles.

Hull Street Road becomes US-360 West.

Follow 360 West to 307 West (approx. 45 miles)

Follow 307 West to 460 West (approx. 10 miles)

Turn right on Route 460 - Travel 4 miles (when Route 460 divides into bypassand business, take 460 bypass - 4 miles.

Take the Longwood University & Hampden Sydney exit.

Make a left onto Hwy. 15 - Take a left at the stoplight - Board of EducationBuilding is the first building on the left.


Directions to Farmville from Charlottesville

Take 64 East

Take Exit 121A, 20 South to Scottsville (this road has many curves)

Follow 20 South through Scottsville to Dillwyn (approximately 38 miles)where 20 South will end at a stop light at a T intersection

Turn right onto 15 South

Follow 15 South for approximately 18 miles to a stop light

Go through the stop light and take 460 East/15 South to Keysville/Petersburg

Follow 460 East/15 South for approximately 5 miles

Take 15 North Business/15 South to Farmville/Keysville

Turn right onto 15 South and immediately get in the left lane

Turn left at the light onto Zion Hill Road

Board of Education Building is the first building on the left


Directions to Farmville from Lynchburg

Travel Route 460 East(approximately 48 miles)

Take a right at the second Farmville exit (Longwood & Hampden-Sydneyon the sign)

Make a right onto Highway 15 and get in the left lane to make a left atthe stoplight

Board of Education is the first building on the left