PECPS Offers Flying Classroom for Summer Camp

PECPS Offers Flying Classroom for Summer Camp
Posted on 07/06/2021
PECPS Offers Flying Classroom for Summer Camp

Prince Edward County Public Schools (PECPS) offered a month-long 21st Century STEM Summer Program for students in grades 5-12.

The Flying Classroom, led by Captain Barrington Irving, immersed students into a virtual journey around the world. Irving is a 2007 Guinness World record holder for the youngest person ever and first black man to fly solo around the world. The enrichment program served 49 students. Kyla Barksdale, grade 5, told us that “Summer camp was fun. We got to build solar panels and dissect a cow’s eye.”

Each week students discovered a different way of learning that was fun, amazing, and inspiring. Throughout the month students learned how venom from a sea snake could save lives, explored tectonic plates in Iceland, investigated biomedical engineering with a flying eye hospital, and so much more. Engineering design challenges

Field trips were incorporated into the weekly curriculum, which was supplied by Captain Irving and the Flying Classroom. Field trip locations included The High Bridge Trail State Park in Farmville, Amazement Square in Lynchburg, The Richmond Jet Center, and the Richmond International Airport. Captain Irving joined PECPS students on the final trip to the Jet Center and Airport. During the culminating trip to Richmond, students were exposed to different careers in aviation such as mechanics, pilots, operations staff, and more. Students were given the opportunity for conversations and questions with airport and jet center employees and learned what route to take to get to the different careers.

6th grader, Jenyiah Coward shared that her favorite things about summer camp were building solar panels and learning about airplanes.

Great things are happening at PECPS! 





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